Who is Today’s Workforce and How to Attract New Talent

Aug 12, 2022

Various employees at work

As competition for high-quality talent remains high, the U.S. voluntary quit rate is 25% higher than pre-pandemic levels. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to understand who is today’s workforce and how to attract them.

You might’ve heard of the Great Attrition or Great Resignation happening right now, but it’s time we rename what’s happening to the Great Renegotiation. The pandemic has illuminated what’s most important to employees in their lives, and more people are quitting jobs that no longer suit their needs.

The amount of people leaving their jobs is at a record high, so how do we combat this attrition-attraction issue? Well, the answer lies in companies’ approach to attracting new talent.

No longer can we rely on traditional recruitment methods – companies must explore newer, multifaceted approaches to attract and appeal to these talent pools.

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